Crystal lovers and collectors love opalite. The milky, translucent stone sings out a vibration of harmony, higher energy, and aids in transitioning into one’s higher self. However, the meaning of opalite is heavily debated due to it primarily being a man-made stone. (Mother Earth does produce some natural opalite, but one has to search for it.) If you do believe synthetic crystals do not hold healing energies or meaning, please read-on with your skepticism in mind.

Meaning of Opalite

Opalite sings at a higher vibration. If you see or hear energies, you can notice this upon seeing the stone. However, its vibration is more playful and slightly smaller than more natural stones. The crystal will not loudly call to you, but does a soft call that makes you just turn your head a little bit.

Opalite’s soft energy helps the stone aid you in transitioning from one emotional perspective to another. Many crystal believers say that opalite aids in communication. It’s crystal’s ability to communicate with spirit and with you that helps this transition.

The stone primarily resonates with the third eye chakra. This chakra increases or opens your natural intuitive gifts.

Lastly, I personally believe this opalite emanates joy. Its properties combined with its soft yet high vibrations give a happy vibe to the beautiful crystal.

Formation of Opalite

Natural opalite is opalized volcanic ash. It rarely occurs, and when it does, the stone is typically found in Brazil and areas in Africa.

Man-made opalite forms from people opalizing glass to create the beautiful colors. We use glass as it is similar to what volcanic ash hardens to once cooled. (Obsidian forms a similar way from lava hardening into glass.)